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Birch firewood is our best selling wood due to its ability to light easily and produce a fantastic heat for all stove types regardless of the size. Birch is a great fuel for stoves,firepits and pizza ovens. Birch also has a unique aroma and looks great for displays around your stove.


Ash shares very similar properties to oak in that they both burn for a longer duration with a steady heat seeing as they are both hardwoods. Ash is a great fire wood as it can be slightly more cost effective than birch due to it being a higher density firewood it will burn for longer, ideal for stoves and open fires.


Oak is one of the best choices for someone who has a open fire for a stove that lights it the majority of the winter season. Oak offers a long and slow burning log with a superior heat sure to keep in the fire all night. Oak can be slightly harder to light than our other woods but be sure it is one of our best fuels


We offer a mix crate of wood Birch & Oak and a select sizes of bags for delivery or collection. One of the main benefits of our mix option is that it allows new customers to try a mix of our woods and

they can see for them selfs which wood they prefer first hand while having a variety to compare the heat or burning time to see which suites thier needs best.


Maple is a new product we have added due to the ever increasing struggle to get ash each year, it shares many similarities to the ash that we stock with having the same appearance a very similar heat and burn time. We offer maple or ash to customers in case there is ever a struggle to get ash in stock over certain parts of the winter so that they have no worry about being left with no fuel for thier fire or stove